Ten Buck Two, Home of Bama Slam

In the heart of the Wiregrass, just around the corner of an unassuming charming southern town, New Brockton Alabama, you will find Ten Buck Two.

Small towns are not hard to come by here in our little piece of the world, and we know that, but here in TenBuckTwo, we like to think of this place as, well… where it all really got started! We’ve perfected blending classic and country without simply being COUNTRY! We can understand the “simple things,” add in a few firecrackers on the 4th of July, and KaBoom, Welcome to TenBuckTwo!

TenBuckTwo brings an abundance of activities, events and entertainment. When a family checks in at TenBuckTwo, they are met with an atmosphere that is welcoming, familiar, and uniquely exclusive! Bama Slam is built to leave an intoxicating memory, peppered with a mix of Southern Yellow Pines, Bubbling Cold Water creeks and the Reddest Clay you will find on Planet Earth. Although a lot of what we’ve done has been kept a little quiet until now, we could not be more EXCITED to FINALLY open our arms up wide and welcome home the BamaSlamFamily!

The Hardest working Team There Is

Ten Buck Two and Bama Slam encompass 1600 Acres of the finest rolling hills and lush fields that Alabama has to offer. As much as it would seem to be the case, the property really is not what makes TenBuckTwo great. The Culture that has been built here, from the top all the way down, makes Bama Slam and TenBuckTwo a mindset and ultimately a culmination of the #BamaSlamFamily. This diverse and loving group is the heartbeat of what makes the Bama Slam Experience so amazing! From the very beginning Ronnie, Sonya and Bernie have built the foundation on treating people the right way, caring about them sincerely and making sure to save room for the excitement and fun, right alongside them. We know so many of these people as friends, because that’s exactly how someone is treated when they’re here.