Bama Slam Hooptie Race Rule and Registration Aug-20-2022

$5k Hooptie Race August 20th 2022

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Gates open at 8 am Saturday Aug 20th 

Hooptie Race Pre Registration

  • Pre Registration: $40
  • Day of Registration: $60

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Racing Classes, Rules and Registration 

Hooptie Day Race $5k in Cash Prizes: 

  • $5k Cash Prizes 
    • 1st Place: $3,000
    • 2nd Place: $1,500 
    • 3rd Place: $500  
  • Day of Registration Begins Friday at the Bama Slam Saloon 6pm-8pm and will start again on Saturday at 7am-8:30am at the Track
  • Gates Open at 8am, Drivers MUST be registered and all checks must be completed Prior to Drivers Meeting for the respective races


Hooptie Race Overview

  • There will be a total of 30 competitors competing for the $5K Hooptie Race.
    – Competitors will race for 25 laps taking the top 5 cars to compete in a 10 lap shootout. Winners will be determined by the top 3 competitors.
  • Pre Registration is OPEN until Thursday 8/18/22: $40 
  • Regular Registration begins Friday at 6pm: $60 per entry
  • Numbers are drawn after all registrations are completed to determine position
  • ALL RACERS and PASSENGERS must wear DOT APPROVED Helmets and must have Eye protection. Gloves Recommended.
  • ALL RACE MACHINES will be tech inspected prior to races to confirm proper class is registered.
  • ANY Assistance to the driver or vehicle during the race will result in IMMEDIATE FORFEITURE for that race.
  • Questions regarding class selection should only be directed to race officials and/or addressed at the drivers meeting.
  • Any and all unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and you will be disqualified! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Once the race is over you must exit the entrance/exit ramp of the pit and return to the staging area in a safe manner.
  • Participants should not consume any alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other type of contraband on the day of the competitions. Any party found or reported to be under the influence will be immediately disqualified from competition for that day. ALL RACERS are subjected to being BREATHALYZED at the discretion of race officials at any time!
  • Drivers must keep their machines inside of the marked course at all times during the event. Drivers who exit the race course will be disqualified. Drivers that are forced off the track will not be punished for this offense.



Rules & Regulations

  • Cars, Trucks and SUVs ARE allowed
  • Convertibles ARE NOT allowed
  • DOT Full Face Helmets are Required
  • No Glass. All Glass in the Vehicle must be completely removed. This includes headlights, taillights & marker lights. 
  • Wire mesh or vertical steel bars must be welded in place of windshield.
  • No Airbags. All airbags must be removed
  • Harnesses must be installed and properly working
  • Racing seats are allowed
  • No Foam Filled, Run Flat or Ball Filled tires allowed
  • Doors MUST be welded or chained shut
  • Factory engines only, (Factory installed turbos or factory installed supercharger are allowed.)
  • Factory bumpers only
  • Factory Gas tank in its original location or a fuel cell securely mounted in trunk or bed.
  • Battery must have a secondary retention, (i.e. ratchet strapped.)
  • Brakes must be in good working order
  • Roll Cages are not required but recommended
  • There are no traditional caution flags. If your vehicle becomes immobile it will be left on the track and become an obstacle on the course.
  • Each driver will draw for his/her position
  • One passenger per vehicle is allowed in the front passenger seat but must meet and maintain all safety requirements of the driver.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct is grounds for IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION
  • Every Racing vehicle MUST have a fire extinguisher secured safely in their vehicle