The Haunted Trails at Bama Slam Present: Bama Blood Bash

The Haunted Trails at Bama Slam Present: Bama Blood Bash

Ever seen a Ghost Story come to LIFE??

October 2 - 31, 2020 | 7:30PM - 12:00AM

Dare to take a trip down the #TheHauntedTrails at Bama Slam?

Every Friday & Saturday in the Month of October from 7:30pm-12:00 Midnight. Trails Open Friday October 2nd.

Load the CAR or Ride your ATV/UTV, during the whole family and step back in time to 1945 and experience the world famous Bama Bash… now etched into history forever as the Bama Blood Bash.

Friday 10/23 $10 per vehicle

Saturday 10/24 $5 per person

Friday 10/30: $5 per person

Saturday 10/31: $5 per person


Story Below:


Warning: To protect the sanity and wellbeing of the living from the lost & long departed, some of the surnames in this forlorn tale have been omitted, lest there uttering invoke a conjuring up.

As mentioned in a previous post, aside from the Bigfoot sightings, some very peculiar instances have been taking place on the grounds surrounding BamaSlam in TenBuckTwo. As these instances have intensified, some of the BamaSlam family decided to do some poking around into the history of the land to see if there might be some explanation as to the origins of those peculiarities. After all, every plot of land has a story, especially the ones where humankind has left its mark. Sometimes, they leave more than a mark, particularly in instances of tragedy and violence. Sometimes they leave things like thoughts and memories so powerful and strong, they linger. They weep and wail, clinging to a life that no longer exist, moving about in the image of a body their tormented soul once called home, forgotten, restless…lost…
Such is the case with the lands surrounding BamaSlam in TenBuckTwo.

Unbeknownst to all but a few, long before BamaJam & BamaSlam, there was BamaBloodBash, made possible by the one and only, world renowned, Mikhail Circus Extraordinaire, and every year it ventured to south Alabama for the Grand Finale, on the same grounds in which BamaSlam sits today.

It all started in 1930’s Russia, when Mikhail Gilvrilenkov, a Russian aristocrat, took his lifelong love of the circus and created one of his own, appointing himself as ringmaster. Though there were many acts that captivated his audiences worldwide, the greatest attraction to Circus Extraordinaire was the trapeze act. It was composed of a husband and wife team, Nicholai and Valoriya.

Valoriya, was a raven haired beauty who not only stole the show, performance after performance, but also stole the heart of Mikhail from the moment he had laid eyes on her. But her heart was the one thing Mikhail’s money could not buy, nor could his charm, wit and good looks seduce. She was a devoted and loyal wife to Nicholai and her heart belonged to him and only him. There was no room for another, not even the great Mikhail.

Mikhail had never been told no by anyone, not his father, not his mother, his teachers or his subjects. No man or woman dared to refuse him his wants or desires… no one but… Valoriya; she told him no, time and time again, without consequence. For 13 long years he had tried everything to conquer her heart, but all was to no avail. He surmised the one thing standing in his way had to be dealt with… eliminated. That one thing was Nicholai.

Consumed by his passion for this raven haired beauty, Mikhail devised a most malicious plan. And with the help and coordination of a select few of his circus employees, and the sworn secrecy of all the rest, on All Hallows Eve, October 30, 1941, he executed that plan.

The ropes that Nicholai swung from on that fateful night did not carry his weight. They had been intentionally frayed, thereby weakening them and poor Nicholai plunged 250 feet to his death amidst the gasp and screams of his audience and beneath the wailing cries of his beautiful Valoriya, the swing upon which she sat, still swaying back and forth; The same swing from which she had been ready to leap from, into her beloved Nicholai’s arms, mere moments before he met his fate.

Lying in a mangled heap on the sawdust floor, neck twisted and broken, Valoriya knew her Nicholai was gone from her forever. She also knew this was no accident. She and Nicholai had checked the ropes earlier that day, as they always had before every show. At that time, the ropes showed no weaknesses, but rather, were strong enough to carry the weight of an elephant. As gravely as she wanted to throw herself from her perch above to the ground below so that Death might embrace them both and let them rest in peace together, forever, she wanted to avenge his death even more.

As the days passed into weeks and the weeks into months, Valoriya’s grief fueled the rage seething deep within her, consuming every fiber of her being. It had become very apparent to her, who had been the cause of her beloved Nicholai’s senseless, tragic death…. Mikhail. His advances were unrelenting, pursuing her with a fevered remorseless desire.

Late at night when all the others had retreated to their tents, Valoriya would roam within the darkness of the night, plotting her revenge, adding to her mental list all of those who, like Mikhail, would find themselves at the brunt of it. She had heard their guilty whispers floating across the late night air like a sickening plague. To her shock, they had all been involved in some form or fashion in Nicholai’s death. They were heartless, soulless deviants and soon they would reap the heartache and misery they had sown. Although there were two that perhaps she would spar. They were Yelena and her daughter Nadia.

Yelena was a fortune teller. On their last trip to Russia, Mikhail,had allowed her and her daughter to escape the worn torn ravages of Europe and Hitler’s bloodthirsty henchman by joining them on their passage back to America. The land of the free and the home of the brave had become their home the past few years. Unable to safely travel the world, they zigzagged their way across the states, in hopes that one day they could return to Europe and their Mother Russia.

Valoriya had been spending a lot of time with Yelena over the past few months, and Valoriya had learned, Yelena new more than just how to read tarot cards and palms. Yelena was also deep into the occult and the dark arts. Unaware of the motives behind Valoriya’s eagerness to garner as much knowledge of her craft as she could, Yelena had shared some of her darkest secrets. She was in possessions of The Book of Shadows, which presumably could resurrect the dead. Valoriya wanted that book or at least learn the spells within it. Yelena refused to indulge either of her wishes. She fell ill, shortly thereafter and died a few weeks later. Everyone assumed she had passed from a mysterious illness… everyone but Valoriya. Those daily chats they had shared over a cup of tea, of which one cup, Yelena’s cup, had been spiked with arsenic, had been most beneficial in fulfilling Valoriya’s desire to possess The Book of Shadows.

Over the course of the next year and a half, Valoriya, poured over the pages of the book; her eyes drinking in each and every word, her maddening laughter piercing the night air as she roamed the grounds, plotting her revenge. She had been so overcome with her wretched thoughts and evil intentions, the once raven haired beauty took on the appearance of a raving lunatic. Wild eyed, unkempt and wholly unpredictable, she was no longer fit to be in front of an audience, let alone perform before one. Mikhail could not, would not dismiss her. How could he? After all, he was the cause of all of her anguish and the rabid animal she had become. Everyone just steered clear of her.

But she was far more lucid than any could imagine. She was on a mission and she was determined to see it through, though she be damned for all eternity by doing so. She would have plenty of company. All the unrepentant souls, who had stolen the precious life of her one true love, would be doomed to roam in everlasting torment right along with her.

Soon Nicholai would join them. It was October and they had returned to south Alabama for their Grand Finale as they did every year at this time, since the beginning of their travels abroad. Every night, since their arrival, she had laid beside her beloved’s grave, finding comfort in the thought that soon he would be by her side once again. And he would help her carry out what had to be done….

It was at the height of World War Two and the world was ripe with darkness and death, evil and destruction. Tonight would be the night, October 30, 1943, All Hallows Eve, the two year anniversary of Nicholai’s death. No one would be spared, except for Nadia, Yelena’s daughter. She had left for town with one of the local boys and wouldn’t return until sometime the next day. That was okay; Valoriya had a special spell for her. Rather than die with the rest, doomed to walk the earth in eternal torment, Nadia would live for all eternity, under the spell of immortality. It was up to her to accept her fate as a blessing or see it as a curse.

So it was, Valoria recited her evil incantation and Nicholai rose from the grave, bringing all of hell and its demonic forces with him. All were allowed to walk among the living for one brief night before being cast back from whence they came.

Under Valoria’s control, they murdered everybody on the grounds in ways that the human mind can’t even begin to comprehend. It was a bloody massacre. No one survived the night, except for Valoriya and Nadia.

Poor Nadia returned home the following morning and was the first to see the aftermath of what appeared to be a blood fest. So shocked by the carnage before her, she elapsed into a catatonic state, from which she never recovered. She was committed to a sanatorium for the mentally insane. On October 30, 1952, ten years after the annihilation of, Mikhail’s Circus Extraordinaire, Nadia disappeared and was never seen again. Rumors have it, that Valoria kidnapped her and took her back to the grounds surrounding BamaSlam in TenBuckTwo.

It is said that every Hallows Eve, Valoria returns to the grounds of TenBuckTwo to raise from the dead all those who partook in Nicholai’s death. For a short time they are given the freedom to wander the grounds, in search of living souls to replace the ones they lost when they so deviously took the life of Nicholai…


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